Must Have Magento Extensions of 2016

Magento extensions are an easy way of adding extra features to a Magento store. There are so many different extensions to choose from that determining the right one to install can be difficult. Here is a list of the must-have Magento extensions of 2016.

One Page Checkout

The checkout process of Magento store can be quite complicated. The one-page checkout extension can make the checkout much quicker and easier. Once this extension is installed, it will simplify the entire process into a single page. This will increase the number of customers making sales. Learn more about wix


One of the problems that slow down a magneto store is when images are loaded. TinyPNG is an extension that will compress all of the images to speed up load times. This is a must-have extension for any site. By speeding up page load times, you will find that more customers will spend time on your site and continue to make purchases.

Banner Slider

If you want to display banner ads on your Magento homepage, then you will need to install a suitable extension. The banner slider extension makes it easy to manage banner marketing campaigns. New images can be quick uploaded through the control panel; these will then be added automatically to your site.

Gift Registry

The gift registry extension makes it possible for your customers to get the gifts that they want. The gift registry plugin is very easy to install and set up. The registry can be managed through the admin panel. Build your own ecommerce website

Magento Blog Plugin

If you want to run a blog as part of your Magento store, then you can install the Magento blog extension. This makes it very easy to set up and manage a blog without needing to install and manage a separate blog platform. The blog extension can be easily downloaded and installed through Magento Connect. Once installed the WYSIWYG blog post editor will make it possible for anyone to write blog posts without needing to learn how to code.

Delete Orders

The delete orders extension makes it simple to delete orders from within the store’s admin panel. This makes it easier to manage orders and do away with unwanted ones.


Extensions are a great way of tailoring your Magento store depending on your requirements, without needing to hire an expensive professional developer to do the work for you. These extensions make the eCommerce platform even more powerful. Click here 

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