Magento Customers Who Bought This Also Bought

Running an online shop is never an easy task. You will need to tempt customers into making purchases. One way of promoting similar products is by using a “customers who bought this also bought” extension. Ecommerce business

How Does this Work?

The extension is installed to your Magento store and keeps track of what people buy together. It automatically tracks all of the information in a database. Whenever your customers make a purchase it will remember any products which are purchased at the same time.

When a customer adds something to their shopping cart, they are taken to a list of products that people have purchased together. This information can encourage people to make a purchase, or spend more money on additional purchases.

Boosting Profits

When used properly this extension can boost profits by improving sales. The extension will be able to display complementary and substitute products. Customers might take a look at the similar products and find that they prefer one. Alternatively, customers might also buy consumable items for their main purchase.

The extension makes it very easy to upsell and cross sell easily. The extension is one of the most popular to be installed to Magento, which just goes to show how valuable it is. View top ecommerce platforms 

How Do You Install the Extension?

Installing the Customers who bought this also bought extension to Magento is very easy and straightforward. It is part of the Magento Connect marketplace which makes the installing extremely simple. Visit the Magento Connect marketplace and search for the correct extension. This is a chargeable extension, but the cost is only $20 at the moment. This is a bargain price for an extension which can make such a massive improvement to your site.

When you are logged into your account click the button to place your order, pay and generate the registration code.

This code should then be pasted into the admin panel of your Magento store. Magento will then automatically download and install the required files to set the extension up.

Configuring the Extension

Once the extension is installed there is a configuration menu in the admin panel for your store. It is possible to make adjustments including where the list is displayed, and how many products are shown.


The customers also bought extension is a must have extension for any serious Magento store. It will make your business much more profitable immediately. It also improves interaction and customer satisfaction which should encourage people to spend longer searching through your store. Ecommerce Platforms

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