Is Magento the Best eCommerce Platform?

There are quite a few different eCommerce platforms available to choose from. OsCommerce, ZenCart, and Magento might all seem to do very similar things. Even though Magento was originally intended to be a fork of OSC, it has grown into something very different. We will look at reasons why Magento is the best platform. Learn more about How to Sell Online


Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms available. This has lots of benefits, including great support. There is a very active community of Magento developers and users. This means that should you have a problem, or want to do something you can ask the question on the forum.


Magento is also a highly flexible and customizable system. As a result, site owners can make a Magento installation look unique and special very easily. Whereas Oscommerce stores almost always look the same, unless developers spend many hours coding and customizing. Learn more Magento

Easy to Manage

Magento has been designed from the ground up to be as user-friendly as possible. Even if you have limited computer experience, once Magento is installed and running, actually controlling it is very straight forward. The admin panel is simple to navigate and can be used to add products, to change prices, and manage orders.


Extensions are plugins which enable all sorts of new features. There are over a thousand different extensions which can be installed to any Magento store. These include support extensions, payment gateways and navigation improvements. These extensions can be installed easily using Magento Connect.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the biggest complaints with other eCommerce software is that it’s difficult to employ SEO techniques. Magento takes this problem on board straight out of the box. It is designed to make it easy for search engines to scan and index content. This should improve the chances of attracting customers and boosting profits.

Built in Customer Management Tools

Customer management tools are included as standard with Magento. These make it possible to keep track of customers and check out statistics. Customer lists can also be exported and imported which makes it easy to use the data in other systems.

Secure Sites

When processing payments and selling products, online security is a number one priority for customers. Magento is designed to be fully secure. It supports the use of https certificates to keep confidential information secure.


Magento may not be entirely perfect, but many features make it one of the best eCommerce platforms you can install and use. A large number of extensions also make it possible to make it even better. View Magento theme


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